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City From Almaty - KZ

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Latitude of almaty: 43.25
Longitude of almaty: 76.95

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Almaty: Almaty (; Kazakh: Алматы, romanized: Almaty, [ɑlmɑˈtə]; Russian: Алматы, [ɐlmɐˈtɨ]), formerly known as Alma-Ata (; Russian: Алма-Ата, romanized: Alma-Ata) and Verniy (Russian: Верный, romanized: Vernyy), is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of 2,039,376 people, about 11% of the country's total population and more than 2,7 million in its built-up area that encompasses Talgar, Boraldai, Otegen Batyr and many other suburbs.

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